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South Junction Apartments

South Junction offers one- and two-bedroom apartments as well as studios. Phase II of the project is has new features and floor plans—all 100% resident-inspired. [Back to Top]


Sustainable Living

Built on repurposed railroad land using energy efficient construction, South Junction offers a bike-friendly, walkable environment—and easy access to local transit, local goods and local services. The project was built to exceed MLG&W’s EcoBuild standards, with specially insulated windows, walls, floors and ceilings; energy-saving appliances and light fixtures; and a heating and cooling system powered by energy-efficient heat pumps. The bottom line: Lower utility costs and lower-impact living. [Back to Top]


Fitness Center

Break a sweat in the 24-hour fitness center with state-of-the-art exercise equipment. Of course, going for a run on the river or biking the Main-to-Main route isn’t a bad idea either.  [Back to Top]


Swimming Pools

On those hot summer says, we all know how brutal the Memphis heat can be. There’s nothing better than having your own swimming pool. Whether you want to catch some rays, hang out poolside with friends or take a dip, you’ll find that it just doesn’t get any better than this. [Back to Top]


Dog Yard

Dog Yard

South Junction takes the concept of pet-friendly to a new level. We don’t charge a monthly fee for pets and provide a dedicated, enclosed space where FIdo can run free. Just be sure to stay with your dog.  [Back to Top]


Outdoor Kitchen

Whether you’re cooking for a group of friends or for yourself, our outdoor kitchen is at your disposal. We’ve provided new cooking appliances and a comfortable dining area to make it easy for you to entertain.
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Hobo Camp

Hobo Camp

Once an industrial site connected to the freight railroad, the Junction was a stop-off point for traveling workers before hopping a boxcar to their next destination. That’s our Hobo Camp, an imaginative outdoor gathering place landscaped with native plants, grasses and wildflowers.  [Back to Top]


Curious Stacked Blocks

Today, the South End is a vibrant urban neighborhood, but it was once a bustling railroad interchange. The concrete blocks stacked at entryways throughout South Junction celebrate the neighborhood’s past—and its transformation. They’re foundation blocks from an old industrial building, recovered from the site during excavation.  [Back to Top]