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  • Emergency contact must be a relative that will not be an occupant. If you are seriously injured, ill, missing, die or in jail or penitentiary according to an affidavit of the person listed below, your spouse, or your parent or child, we may allow such person(s) to enter your dwelling to remove all contents, as well as your property in the mailbox, storerooms and common areas. If you are seriously ill or injured, you authorize us to call EMS or send for an ambulance at your expense. We are not legally obligated to do so.

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  • General Rental Policies

    1. Verify all information furnished by applicant in the Application for Rental. It is Applicant's responsibility to provide information necessary to contact previous landlords and employers to verify rental and employment history. Management reserves the right to deny Applican't application if, after making an good faith effort, it is unable to verify Applicant's rental or employment history.

    2. Hold a vacant apartment only with a deposit and Application for Rental for a period of no longer than 3 days.

    3. Collect a non-refundable application processing fee with each application for rental.

    4. Collect an Application Deposit of $300 and an Administrative Fee of $150 before proceeding with processing any Rental Application. The application deposit and administrative fee will be refunded is the rental application is rejected based on criteria. Applicant agrees Application Deposit and Administrative Fee will be forfeited unless withdrawn within seventy-two (72) hours of receipt of deposit check. Once the application is approved, these fees will be deposited immediately.

    5. In the event the desired unit is not available, the applicant will be placed on a waiting list for the desired type of apartment by completing application procedures, collecting all fees, and deposits, and verifications. When the apartment becomes available, applicant will be notified and shall have twenty four (24) hours to make their decision to rent. If an affirmative decision is not received, the apartment will be placed back on the market and the application deposit will be refunded.

    6. Accept all payments in the form of a check, money order or cashier's check. No third party or starter checks are accepted. No cash payments accepted at the property. A cash payment must be made at the corporate office of Henry Turley Company, 65 Union Avenue, Suite 1200, Memphis, TN.


    8. Water furniture (beds, aquariums, etc.) are not allowed on the property.

    9. This community and Henry Turley Company require all residents to purchase renter's insurance to protect resident and personal belongings. The lessee, at its sole cost and expense, shall at all times during the term of the Lease maintain general liability coverage for the acts and omissions of Lessee in the minimum amount of $100,000 (on a per occurrence basis). Lessee may obtain the GL policy from any qualified insurer.

    10. Advise applicant of the above policies before filling out the Application for Rental.

    General Rental Qualifications

    1. Rental Standards - All applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or emancipated by valid court order. Occupancy is without regard to age; however, all occupants at least eighteen (18) years of age of emancipated by valid court order will be required to be listed on the application, sign community rules and regulations and provide information and consent to conduct a background investigation. All applicants must provide proof of a valid Social Security Number or Individual Tax Payer Identification Number. Management shall comply with and enforce any applicable governemtal limitations on the number of persons who may reside in a unit or any portion thereof, imposed by statue, code, ordinance or regulation.

    1. Income - Applicant must have gross income of three and one-half (3.5) times the amount of one month's rent; income from roommates may be combined to meet the standard; co-signers must have gross income of five (5) times one month's rent. If the applicant, roommate or co-signer has a mortgage, they must have gross income of five (5) times the monthly rent. Applicants who are commission paid only; base salary plus commission, tips or bonuses or are self-employed must provide the past two (2) year's personal income tax returns and the previous two (2) month's personal bank statements. A recent pay-stub may be required to verify other employment income.
    2. Credit -
      1. There must be two (2) credit accounts either open or closed or any combination thereof (i.e. prior rental history, installment, utility/cable/phone at least one (1) year payment history) where the applicant is current in his/her payments. In addition, for any account listed by the credit agency used, the applicant may have made late payments no more than four (4) times (thirty days past due) within the latest twelve (12) month period reported and no more than eight (8) times (thirty days past due) within the last twenty four (24) months reported.
      2. Any applicant with a bankruptcy or wage earners filed must show proof of discharge at time application is made.
      3. In the case of roommates, the good credit of one cannot be used to offset the bad credit of the other.
    3. Criminal Background - All applicants and occupants over the age of 18 years of age or emancipated by valid court order must pass a criminal background check. An applicant with a felony conviction or who have received deferred adjudication for crimes involving the actual or potential threat of physical harm to a person, firearms, illegal drugs, theft, destruction of property, or any crime involving a minor or that is sexual in nature, will not be accepted.
    4. Prior Landlord Reference - An applicant who meets the income and credit qualifications may be disqualified based on a poor reference from a prior landlord. A poor reference would consist of an eviction or asked to leave for non-payment of rent or disturbances. Applicants owing another apartment community an outstanding obligation without verifiable justification will be required to pay that debt or provide proof of payment before application will be considered.

    2. Exceptions -

    1. An applicant who has been continually employed for a period of two (2) years or longer but who has no credit will be accepted if they meet the income and prior landlord qualification and criminal background check requirements.
    2. An applicant who has two (2) good credit accounts but one (1) bad credit account may be accepted if they meet the income, prior Landlord, and background qualification and if the poor credit account reported involves a balance of less than $500.
    3. An applicant who has insufficient credit and has been employed less than two (2) years must be advised that co-signer will be considered. A qualified co-signer must have earnings equal to five (5) times the rent, must fill out an Application for Rental and residency verification, and must pay an application processing fee. The standard credit check, income verification and background check will be made. The co-signer must sign the lease. The co-signer must be advised that they are individually as well as jointly liable for all the obligations of the lease as outlined in the lease. Applicants with poor credit cannot use a co-signer.

    I certify the facts set forth in this Application for Rental are true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and are made in good faith. I understand that providing me any false, misleading or incorrect information on this rental application will be sufficient grounds for rejecting the application and forfeiture of administrative fee and damage deposit. Discovery of falsification of application after move-in will be sufficient grounds for immediate termination of the Lease Agreement. I consent that the information provided above may be verified, and I further authorize management of this property to make any investigation of my resident history, employment history, credit/financial and criminal background record and information may be reviewed with appropriate state and local government authorities and or consumer credit reporting agencies as permitted by law. It is understood that the Application is a part of the Lease and Resident hereby affirms that the statemetns and information contained in the Application are true and correct and that the Resident's authority to the Landlord to obtain credit information through the use of a Credit Reporting Agency, including, but not limited to the obtaining of a Consumer Credit Report on the Resident is a continuing right agreed upon by the Resident, including, but not limited to credit verification, skip-tracing, or the collection of any delinquent accounts which the Resident may maintain with the Landlord.

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